Announcing the Creator Spotlight Series

Every creator on YouTube has had to figure out what their glue is – the secret sauce that holds their channel together. Over the next month, we’ll be showcasing a new creator every week – and sharing an exclusive video interview with each of them where we’ll find out more about their creative process, how they connect with their fans, and where they go for inspiration.

In the meantime get to know the creators we’ll be featuring over the next few weeks.

WEEK 1: Laura Quinn

Laura is a dancer first and foremost, sharing her passion for creating with her friends and fans everywhere.

WEEK 2: Will & James

Will is a model, dancer, and all around creative person. He’s been on YouTube since 2006, and is always looking to create new and entertaining things!

WEEK 3: AmandasChronicles

Amanda is a hilarious and genuine YouTuber, who’s in it for the community and because she loves making you laugh.

WEEK 4: Damon & Jo

Damon and Jo are a wondrous duo committed to telling you the best tips and tricks for traveling this beautiful earth without breaking the bank.

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