Take Your YouTube Channel Live: Helpful tips for live streaming

You put countless hours of care into every step of making your YouTube videos, but what are some creative ways you can connect with your audience between uploads? If you haven’t considered live streaming, you should definitely give it some more thought.

Believe it or not, there are actually already millions of people live streaming every month. Even just on one video streaming platform, YouNow, there are reported more than 150,000 live broadcasts a day and many other companies are hopping in the race to get their slice of the live streaming pie, by offering rev share, unique features, and robust integrations with the social platforms you already know and love.

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3 Reasons to start Live streaming

1. Expand Your Audience

With your YouTube channel, you might find yourself at the mercy of recommended video algorithms and metadata when it comes to getting fresh eyes on your content. Trying out a new platform can be a great way to make yourself known to a whole new audience and convert them into subscribers. Not to mention, a lot of live streaming platforms have unique ways for people to find channels that are currently live, such as showing broadcasts based on your location or related themes.

2. Quick Production

Of course, you can always get super fancy with production, such as adding graphic overlays and using green screens, but a lot of times that’s not even what audiences are expecting. An engaging broadcaster can keep viewers watching them just talking to their webcam with no frills for hours on end, so no need to even set up your light kit! You can decide you want to go live at the drop of a hat, making streaming a super convenient choice for creators of all sizes!

3. Real-time Feedback

Waiting for comments and thumbs-ups on your videos can be stressful! Sometimes you want to know if your audience enjoyed a new video or has a response to a question you asked. Having a live chat can be an awesome way to get immediate feedback from community and get a real-time conversation going.

3 Tips for Getting Started

1. Choose a Platform

There are so many ways to get yourself out there live and it might take a couple of tries to find the one that’s right for you. Each one has different features, capabilities, and audiences, so doing a bit of research on what might be the best fit is a good idea.

A few platforms we think are great for creators include:

2. Promote your your stream

Be sure to let your community know when you’re going to be streaming and when you’re live. You might have different audiences across your networks, so it’s important to spread the word on ALL of your social platforms. And if you have the time, there are plenty of ways to go the extra mile beyond just copy and pasting a link, such as creating a fun, custom graphic for your stream or making a 30 sec preview video for what you’ll be doing on air. Using Epoxy to blast out a stream announcement to all of your accounts is a helpful, easy way to eliminate the time-consuming step of posting to each page.


3. Get Creative

Take some time to think about how you plan to keep viewers excited and sharing out the link to your stream. For example, one of our favorite creators, Jordan Paul, has taken the Periscope world by storm with a daily dance party that he hosts (read about it here). Simple ideas can catch fire with some creativity and love. The possibilities are endless and vary based on your channel and your audience, but here are some ways we’ve seen streamers keep their viewers watching:

  • Fun guests – Inviting friends can keep conversation lively and help bring a second community into the stream (read our post on collaborating here)
  • Giveaways – They don’t have to be huge or expensive to get people excited. In our opinion, it’s all about the creativity of the giveaway and how excited YOU are about it!
  • Challenges & Goals – Setting something that you want to accomplish is a great way to rally the community and keep them cheering you on. Not to mention, they’ll want to stick around to see if you achieve it!

The best advice that we’ve heard from live streaming Pros is to not be discouraged when things go wrong – that’s the nature of being live (and a human…)!  Viewers love watching live content because it’s unpredictable, genuine, and personal. So, keep at it because  you’ll get more comfortable as time goes on. Send us links to your streams @EpoxyTV because we’d love to tune in! Happy Streaming!

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