Creator Spotlight – AmandasChronicles

Amanda started out making videos when she was just 11 and quickly found her unique, hilarious voice through creating content for her channel. Sometimes it’s not always easy to find your niche on YouTube, but Amanda has definitely found hers through being her authentic self… and wow has it taken off! Amandaschronicles has grown by over 100,000 subscribers in just the past MONTH by sharing her messages of self-acceptance and positivity!

We couldn’t be more stoked for Amanda, so we talked to her about collaborating, how she connects with her fans, how to get started as YouTuber, and so much more!

We had lots of fun on this third installment of our #CreatorSpotlight series, and can’t wait to share our fourth and final (for now) spotlight with our homies Damon & Jo.

Also, be sure to check out the collection of GIFs, Clips and Memes we created from footage collected during Amanda’s interview!

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