3 Tips for Building Your Community

If you’ve been making videos and tackling the social media game for a while, you’ve probably heard that building your community on social is hugely important. After all, they are called “social” networks, so why not be sociable? If you haven’t ever heard this, let us be the first to tell you! We’re going to dive into why being extra responsive on social media is so important. It can make all the difference when it comes to growing your community – and growing it the way you want grow it.

1. Respond to every comment

Our pal Peter Hollens who is an amazing YouTube vocalist has experienced first hand how responding to fans can lead to massive community growth, as he just surpassed 1 Million subscribers on YouTube just earlier this year. Here’s how he puts it:

“When you’re starting off, respond to EVERY comment. Engage. Be genuine. Be who you are, and darn it, do it yourself, and you will have a better chance of succeeding.”

Simply put, try to engage with everyone who’s talking about you. Now, this is a lot easier to do when you’re only getting a few comments per day. You may need to start using a tool to help manage your comments when you start growing and the volume of your comments gets too big to manage manually.

One easy way to do this is with our Smart Fan Comments tool.


There are some nuances to be aware of, especially when it comes to dealing with negative comments. We talked about dealing with trolls in another post – and how sometimes it’s best to ignore the haters. When it comes to fans, though, it’s a great idea to respond to everyone possible and to thank them for their support.

2. Find fans you may not know you have

On Twitter, there can be a lot of people talking about your video that you might not know about. Roughly 80% of people tweeting about your video don’t ever tag you or use the hashtag you’re promoting. To find these videos you can use Epoxy’s Trending Videos tool. This shows every tweet containing a link to your YouTube video, even if they don’t tag you! Straight from Epoxy you can then reach out to them and thank them for sharing your video, and encourage them to be a part of your community by nudging them to subscribe.

3. Calculate your response rate


A good way to see how responsive you are on social media is to calculate your response rate. Start with one network at first, for example Twitter. Add up all the mentions you received on Twitter in the last week, then add up all of the times you replied to people who mentioned you. Follow the formula above and take the number of times you replied to a mention and divide it by the number of mentions you received.

This should give you the percentage of comments you respond to. Try to get it as close to 100% as possible! At least that’s the goal. This is a good measurement to help keep you responsive, and moving toward that 100% mark.

Engagement = Growth

In real life, the more people you talk to and engage with, the more likely you are to meet people that you connect with and make friends. Social media isn’t much different, and the more people you talk or respond to on a regular basis, the more of a relationship you build, and the more likely they are to press that follow/subscribe button.

At Epoxy, we’ve noticed how crucial it is to have an engaged community, and how that leads to building a big community. That’s why so many of our tools focus on making sure you can stay on top of all your comments and prioritize your most important comments.

Try our Epoxy tools out for free, and start engaging and growing your community.

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