The Best Times for Your Videos, Clips, GIFs, and Memes on Each Network

You spend a lot of time making your videos and putting tons of effort into having them be as good as possible. After that, you need to spread those videos out through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social networks you actively use (hint: you should be using all of them).

But how do you decide when to share to each spot? What’s the best way now that you have powerful scheduling tools like Epoxy?

When should you be posting?

There are two different things to think about here…

  1. When is the best time for the audience you connect with?
  2. When is the best time for the network you post to?

The best time for each network

The answer to when to post for each network has been well researched, so we won’t reinvent the wheel. We think that this list of articles has the best answer to your questions

The best time to post for each network is a very hard thing to calculate accurately, but these articles can give you some idea of when people are using each of the platforms and how to try and make sure your content is as relevant as possible.

One bonus article here is very robust, but also a little bit confusing – experts only!

The best time for your audience

An even trickier question to answer is “When is the best time to post for my audience?”, but it is an incredibly valuable one. We know that posting at the right time for your audience can get you 30% or more clicks, views, shares, or favorites.

There is no “answer” to this question for everyone, because everyone has their own audience with their own rhythms. We heard again and again that creators struggled with this question so we created Epoxy Insights with Time of Day analysis.

It’s hard to say exactly when the best time for you to make your next post is with 100% confidence, but Insights takes a look at your posting history and helps you understand how different times have been doing for each network. The more posting times you test out, the better Insights can help you!

Always test out a few new times

The first and foremost thing is to remember that you need to be consistently posting (as we’ve mentioned in other articles). As you develop your own video uploading schedule and routine, make sure you take advantage of social media – and always try to improve. The best times mentioned above are the best times based on past research – they don’t predict the future. So always be experimenting and testing out new times to try and find out the best times for you.

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