Creator Spotlight – Sarah + Jonah Penna

“Whether your audience is a 100 people or 40 million people, I think you have a responsibility to promote goodness,” says popular YouTube personality Sarah Penna.

When it comes to connecting with an audience, Penna knows what she’s talking about.  Working in the space since 2010, the vibrant content creator has consistently put her video know-how to the test, assisting top talent like Philip DeFranco and Tyler Oakley increase visibility with viewers. She is the head of Awestruck Network, a network and lifestyle brand launching out of AwesomenessTV that targets millennial moms. Furthermore, Penna’s marriage to fellow influential YouTuber MysteryGuitarMan led to the curation of a top-rated family channel, allowing the couple to document the raising of their son, Jonah, and share their exploits as a creative family with the world.

Maintaining a firm commitment to creating the type of content that helps make the world a better, more positive place, Penna strives to show creators and audiences alike that their contributions to the internet can have impact. Penna currently sits on the board of directors at Groceryships, a non-profit committed to educating and helping low-income families find affordable and nutritious food in areas where it may otherwise be hard to come by.

“It isn’t just about access to food, it’s about the emotional security,” Penna says, suggesting that educating oneself on options is the key to success.

The major issue that Groceryships attempts to combat is the locational lack of healthy food options for those living in food deserts (areas where affordable & nutritious food is hard to come by). The charity attempts to provide education and resources for those who may not have the means or options to make better food choices in their area.

To help throw her support behind this noble cause, Penna has been instrumental in a crowdfunding campaign for Groceryships, aiming to provide a physical location for individuals who want to come and learn about healthier living.

In our Creator Spotlight interview, Sarah Penna discusses how she got started as a content creator and leader in the online video space, her involvement in Groceryships, what they’re trying to accomplish, and most importantly what all of us can do to help contribute to this very special cause.


Watch our Creator Spotlight with Sarah Penna & her son Jonah:


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