#ICYMI – Week of 11.16.15

This is #ICYMI, a weekly round-up of all the best things that happened in the world of social stars and online video this week. So, take a second away from watching Bieber’s “Purpose” dance videos on repeat to find out what you missed…

1. Speeeeeaking of JBiebs…

Did you happen to notice that Connor Franta’s book, “A Work In Progress” made a big ol cameo in Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” music video???


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.02.32 PM.png

At exactly 0:11 seconds into the new video, one of the amazing dancers is reading Connor’s book!! It’s really quick, so you probably wouldn’t notice unless you watched it like 20 times… which we totally didn’t… um… 🙈.

2. Get ready! YouTube is tapping in!!

YouTube made an announcement this week that they’d be getting in the ring to help some creators fight against unfair takedowns because of copyrighted video content. Some of the details are still TBD, but it’s cool to see YouTube taking a stand and standing by their creators! WTG YouTube!! 🎉 *snaps* *applause* *cheers*

3. The Return of “Hey USA”!!

This just in!!! “Hey USA, the popular series that originally starred Grace and Mamrie traveling, is BACK!!! Except this time with different stars… can you guess who it is???

If you guessed Marcus and Cody Johns, you’re absolutely correct and that was a really good guess… like freakishly good… impressive.


The popular comedy Viner brothers will be hitting the road in “HeyUSA_X” and taking suggestions on where to go and what to do, so make sure you follow them!! Release date coming soon. If the show is anything like Marcus’ “sometimes I just don’t care” vines, it’ll DEFINITELY be extreme.

4. YouTubers volunteer as tribute!!


YouTubers rolled out deep for the final, “The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part II” premiere this week… Joey Graceffa, Rebecca Black, and Thatsojack, just to name a few… Even YouTubers not at the premiere are rolling out for opening day today and showing their support for JLaw! For all of the lols and feels, check out lohanthony’s snapchat today to see his prep and reaction to Mockingjay (username: lohanthony)

BONUS: Adele. 25. “When We Were Young”. Go watch. The video has almost 16 million views in 3 days. She’s still got it. 👑

That’s all for now!! Did we miss anything?? Let us know in a comment or reach out to us @EpoxyTV. Catch ya next time!! TGIF ✌️

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