#ICYMI – Week of 12.7.15

HALLO. Welcome to this week’s edition of #ICYMI, your go-to place to catch up on the things going on in social media / online video that you might’ve missed this week.


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Tyler Oakley‘s movie officially came out last night and had it’s LA premiere. Errybody was there from Ingrid Nilsen to Alexis G Zall to Ben J Pierce to GloZell to Lilly Singh to Jennxpenn and the list goes on and on. There are showings of SNERVOUS all around the country, but if you happen to not be close to a screening (or enjoy feeling all of the feels in the privacy of your own home), you can buy the movie now on iTunes. Congrats Tylerrrrrr!!!

2. Troye has a BOYFRIEND?! aka the great Blue Neighbourhood album notes scandal of 2015

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Last week when “Blue Neighborhood” came out, fans around the world were waiting to read the album liner notes & thank you’s. What they were surprised to see was a special “thank you” from Troye to his “beautiful boyfriend”……



SO cute, but also SOOOO mysterious. The internet rumor mills have been shipping Troy with everyone from Connor Franta to Sam Smith… So really it could be anyone. No matter who Troye’s BF is, we’re just stoked for all of his recent success and that he’s happy! YAY TROYE!! While we wait, we might as well enjoy his AWESOME performance on Jimmy Fallon this week.


3. YouTube Rewind 2015

Was it everything you’d hoped it’d be and could ever imagine??? Our answer: yes. There were over 150 YouTubers from all over the world in this year’s rewind. Wow we can’t even pick a fave section. If you need us for the next three weeks, we’ll be over here rewatching this over and over and over and over. Peace out 2015!!

4. Lettuce Guide 2016

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Are you in the market for a super quirky, weird calendar that has photos of your favorite YouTubers in strange situations holding vegetables??? You’re in luck!! The Lettuce Guide 2016 Calendar is definitely for you. Alexis G Zall, Andrea Russett, and Ayydubs collabed on this fantastically odd creation and you can by it at lettuceguide.com

That’s all for meow. Give us a lil holler (@EpoxyTV) if you think there’s something we missed or something we should be sure to include next time.

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Until then… TGIF… TTFN…BAI. ✌️

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