#ICYMI: 2015 Year In Review Edition

Welcome to a verrrrrry special ICYMI! This week we’re going to be going through a ton of the most ridiculous and memorable viral trends of 2015! Are you ready to #FBF all the way back to the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge? Good. Let’s get started.

Read on for all of the memz and feels OR skip straight to taking our quiz to find out “Which 2015 viral trend are you?” by clicking HERE RIGHT MEOW.

1. Squad


Why be amazing alone when you can amplify your cool-factor by rolling with a crew?

Definition: Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity.

Did you reach maximum #SquadGoals this year?

2. Selfie Sticks

In 2014, your friends rebelled against obliging your every request for them to take a cute pic of you. 2015 responded with the technology to make the need for that friend or even talking to strangers a thing of the past. Thank you selfie stick! Now you can travel the world, and capture every moment at that perfect angle. They became so prevalent this year that they even got banned in certain “happy” places.

3. Hoverboards


If you’re a sizable, young, hip internet sensation, chances are you have one of these anti-pedestrian devices. The trend is getting so big, that hoverboards are being banned from major airlines for their explosive safety concerns. Watch out!

4. Trap Queen + Fetty Wap

You couldn’t go anywhere this summer without hearing this Fetty Wap hit. This song is just too catchy. Fetty dug his way so deep into the cultural consciousness this year that Trap Queen even became a popular Halloween costume

5. Whip & Naenae

No one can argue that this was THE dance of 2015. The longer that the fad goes on, the more hilarious the people caught on video doing the dance are. It even made a whole scene in the YouTube Rewind vid this year. Not to mention basically took over all of Vine

6. Hotline Bling + Drake

drake dance

Drake + catchy song + unforgettable dance moves = instant internet sensation. The only things better than this viral hit are the absolutely hilarious memes that came out of it. Pizza Drake is a personal favorite. Swag.

7. Hello + Adele

adele hello

Adele burst back onto the scene with this viral hit announcing the upcoming release of her first album in 4 years! This video has a whopping 716 MILLION views… so that’s casual.

8. Purpose + Justin Bieber

Let’s just say that Justin Bieber is having a pretty incredible 2015. He went from punk with a bad rep to the “it” boy once again thanks to an incredible album and a big attitude change, bringing him major press. Justin enlisted every celeb in the book to help promote his new singles, and an amazing dance album of music videos pushed his virality even further. Suddenly it’s cool to love Justin Bieber again? Okay, we can get on board with that.

9. Emojis Galore


It’s been a red letter year in the world of emoji. A currency we all deal in a lot each day! Early this year we were given the gift of diversity emojis – EMOJIS FOR EVERYONE ! Then only a month ago, we received the joy of over 150 brand new emojis! Most importantly, of course…🌮🌮🌮THE TACO EMOJI 🌮🌮🌮

What’s your favorite new emoji?

10. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

The Kardashian women were all major topics of conversation this year, but let’s not forgot one very crazy trend of people trying to recreate Kylie Jenner’s plumped lips and posting the videos to social media. 

11. Meek Mill vs Drake Battle

Who doesn’t love a good, ol’ fashioned rivalry?? Over the summer, Drake and Meek Mill started a public war, which resulted in some awesome tracks for their fans, and even got Drake a grammy nom for Best Rap Performance for “Back To Back”. 

12. Hit the Quan

Do you like songs that tell you exactly how to dance to them?? Then this trend is definitely for you. “Hit the Quan” videos blew up all over YouTube and Vine with everything from amazing variation vids to hilarious spoofs – and, of course, everyone’s favorite. Talented dancing kids. 

13. Pizza Rat

pizza rat

Pizza Rat took the world by storm overnight. Who doesn’t want to root for a subway rat just tryna binge on some delicious NYC pizza? It even inspired some innovative pranks from everyone’s favorite pranking couple

14. The Rise of Shawn Mendes

This teenage social media heartthrob had us in “stitches” all of 2015, with his first single and jumping on tour with Taylor Swift definitely didn’t hurt. Looking forward to seeing where this budding superstar goes in 2016. 

15. Taylor’s 1989 Tour and All of the Special Guests

TSwift hit the road this summer to promote her hit 1989 album. While we all would’ve been happily satisfied with her belting it out solo while some crazy dancers moved around behind her, that is just NOT the swifty style. Every city she performed in, Taylor made a point to bring out A-list celeb guests to sing with her and even perform their own songs. From Idina Menzel, Dwayne Wade, Ellie Goulding, Mick Jagger, Justin Timberlake, Ellen Degeneres to SO many more, Taylor really stepped it up. Seriously the list goes on forever, so go look at it

16. Marriage Equality + #ProudToLove

This year we were so proud to get to witness this historic moment in American history. YouTube has been a platform for so many amazing, brave creators to share their coming out stories and journeys, so YouTube’s response to the momentous news definitely did not disappoint and still gives us chills.

17. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Last but not least…STAR WARS IS BACK. This time with a new generation of actors and even a new director, JJ Abrams. Even though the movie didn’t come out until December, it feels like this entire year has been a build up to the most highly anticipated movie of 2015. 

Take our quiz and see what 2015 online video trend you are!

Okay, phew. That was a lot. For as long as that was, we still had to cut stuff out!! Like where was Uptown Funk?? A shoutout to the newly reigning king The Weeknd?? We want to know what we so horribly failed to include in this list, so let us know @EpoxyTV.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! Much love from the Epoxy team. See y’all in 2016, a new year where ANYTHING is possible!! Maybe next year they’ll come up with a solution for that thing where you’re looking at your phone in bed and accidentally drop it on your face… oh, that’s just me? k.

BYE for 2015!!

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