Haters Hating? Here’s Hidden Fans

We all love hearing warm words of encouragement from our friends, community, and fans across our social accounts, but for many of us, positive messages aren’t the only things we hear. There’s a lot of spam, haters, and junk out there who seem to find your channel no matter the size of your audience.

Sure, spammy accounts and comments can be an annoyance, but certain times there’s a more serious situation in the works. Creators work really hard to curate a special, safe environment where their fans come together. Chances are, those junk or inappropriate comments aren’t in line with the conversation you’ve tried to start. In fact, they could even put you or your community at risk of falling into a scam or seeing content that can make everyone uncomfortable.

We know your time as creators is limited and taking the time to weed out these unfortunate distractions across each platform can be arduous. So, with all of your valuable feedback in mind, we’re excited to introduce our “Hidden Fans” feature today so that you can focus on what’s important!

“Hidden Fans” will allow you to permanently filter out any accounts of your choosing and we’ll make sure you don’t see them in Epoxy again. Save the time of logging into each social account to block people manually and click the “Hide Fan” button in Epoxy to eliminate them from your view.

Find this feature  under any social network tab within Epoxy and click the “…” button next to the fan you choose. Once you click the “Hide Fan” button, we’ll automatically hide any future engagements from that account. It’s important to remember, hiding fans does not hide these fans outside of Epoxy. Don’t worry, you can just as easily unhide fans from Epoxy in the ‘Hidden Fans’ tab under Channel Settings.

Go ahead and give it a try now!

Additional Resources:

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