#ICYMI – 1.22.16



Welcome to another #ICYMI, where we chat about the most important things that happened this week in the world of social media and online video.

1. Trevor Moran “Alive” EP

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.05.58 PM
(Via Instagram)

Trevor Moran’s debut EP called “Alive” came out this week! Trevor has been doing lots of exciting stuff to promote the release including including playing pictionary with bff Lia, lots of live streams on YouNow, and growing out this cray Man Bun. Thoughts?

2. Shorty Awards Nominations


Shorty Awards are for all of the best of the past year across social media and online video. This year’s nominations had YouTubers jumping out of their main category into areas like Musician (Troye Sivan) and Comedian (Mirandasings) and more. You can vote every day, so you better get going!! Vote here now: http://shortyawards.com


3. Mikey Murphy Got a Puppy

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.19.18 PM
(Via YouTube)

BREAKING NEWS. As if we couldn’t be in love with Mikey’s channel enough, he just upped the game by a million by adding a fluffy puff ball of cuteness to the power apartment that is Mikey, Luke Korns, and now Linus. We can’t handle it. Go watch the video here.

4. YouTubers Asked Questions in the Democratic Debate


Sunday night, the front-runners in the democratic presidential race gathered in South Carolina for their last debate before the first primaries, but the candidates weren’t the only celebs who participated. YouTubers got a chance to have their questions answered as well. Connor Franta, Franchesca Ramsey, Marques Brownlee, and Henry Reich jumped in asking super insightful and awesome questions on behalf of the #teaminternet and young Americans. Word on the street is YouTubers will be asking more questions next week at the Republican debate on the 28th! Great to see these awesome voices represented in the democratic process!


That’s the wrap of another week! Thanks for reading and be sure to holler at us, if there’s anything that you think we missed. Find us @EpoxyTV.

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