#ICYMI – Week of 1.29.16


Welcome to another #ICYMI, where we recap the biggest stuff that’s gone down in social media and online video this week. Let’s get going because, let’s face it, it’s almost the weekend…

1. Troye Sivan on Ellen


Everyone has different standards of what is considered “FAMOUS” and “WHEN YOU’VE REALLY MADE IT”… To some of us on the Epoxy team, famous = being on Ellen. By those standards, Troye just joined the big leagues and we couldn’t be more excited about it. He performed his single, “Youth”, and demonstrated, yet again, his incredibly endearing spaghetti-arm dance moves.

Exhibit A:                        tumblr_o03nchOx7N1v1xh2oo1_500

We rest our case.


2. Connor Franta joined the Grammy Academy



This week Connor was named the official social media correspondent for the Grammy Awards coming up. As the founder of his own record label, Heardwell, Connor has definitely proved himself as an audiophile. Turns out, this position comes with an EPICALLY GREAT perk: a membership to the Grammy Academy and the ability to VOTE on future award seasons. Like….HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! He’s the first YouTuber to gain entry and we couldn’t be more proud… and jealous… but proud.


3. Trevor Moran and Ricky Dillon are going on Tour!

(via Popcrush)

Trevor Moran and Ricky Dillon announced this week in a collab vid that they’ll be touring together across the country to promote their respective albums, “Alive” and “Gold”. Be sure to check out all of the dates and see if they’re heading to a city near you. We’re hoping for some fierce Trevor + Ricky Dance offs and some great banter.


4. Kayne and the Twitter Beef Saga of 2016: Part One

(via Twitter)

Another celeb musician feud broke out on Twitter yesterday and it only took a matter of minutes to turn into a FULL OUT WAR. Wiz Kalifa threw some shade at the name of Kanye’s new album, Kanye took some shots at Wiz’s bae / his own ex-girlfiend Amber Rose and things just got absolutely crazy from there. If you have 20 minutes to spare, I highly recommend you read the comprehensive backstory Buzzfeed put together on the whole thing. Warning: it’s even more absurd than you think.

Read the full breakdown here.

5. Lineup for Amplify Live is out!!

(via Amplify)


There’s a general American envious opinion that being Australian would be super cool. Great accent, outdoorsy and beachy lifestyle, kangaroo besties (k maybe that’s not realistic). We got a million times more jealous of our aussie friends this week when they announced the lineup for the Amplify Live 2016 tour. From Andrea Russett to Tyler Oakley to Tyde Levi, it feels like all of our favorites are going to be there. Quick weekend trip to Brisbane??

You can find the whole lineup here.
HOKAY Thanks for reading, y’all. Give us a shout on Twitter @EpoxyTV if your fav social media moment this week got left out. We’ll see you next week. TTFN! 😉

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