Sharing Queue: A Better Way to Share

Ever finished a video and shared it out to your fans only to look at the clock and realize it’s 2 a.m on a Tuesday? We think it’s about time to kill those chaotic posting habits, which is why we created the “Sharing Queue”. Maintain a consistent sharing schedule even when you’re away from your computer.

Queues are one of the handiest tools you can have as a creator. With our “Sharing Queue”, you can schedule posts to be sent out automatically at customized times on a weekly schedule. Using a queue helps you eliminate the hassle of managing a sharing schedule manually, giving you more time to do what you do best: make awesome content.

Getting Started with Sharing Queue

  1. Set up your queue times: Being consistent with your posting schedule is one of the most important parts of sharing your videos. The first step to achieving consistent posting is to set up your schedule in “Queue Settings”. From here you can plan the times you want your scheduled posts to be sent out on each social network. To help get you started, Epoxy automatically suggests queue times for you, but you can add and remove times however you’d like.Queue-Settings
  1. Adding posts to your queue: Now for the fun part: Sharing! On your sharing toolbar, you can create all types of posts from Text and Photos to Memes and GIFs! Once you’re finished creating your post, you can choose to “Share Now”, “Add To Queue”, or “Schedule” the post.
  1. Manage upcoming shares: Once you’ve queued up all of your posts, view the “Upcoming Shares” tab to organize and reorder all of your content. The top post will automatically go out at the first scheduled time you created in your settings, but you can always choose to“Share Now”.Upcoming Queues (1)

So there you have it; smooth, steady sharing made easy! Try it out and you can always email us at or tweet us if you have any questions. And follow us on Facebook andInstagram if you haven’t already!

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