Top Movers – Week of 3.14.16

Another week, another Top Movers! This week includes a mixture of Brazilian vloggers to tech reviewers! Let’s get started~

Karen Bachini

She’s a super fun gal from Brazil that uploads weekly vlogs!

Amanhã tem tutorial no youtube ❤ #wicked

A photo posted by Karen Bachini (@kahbak) on

Her channel consists of everything from makeup tutorials to nerding out over Star Wars to, most importantly,vlogging with her two pups “Lord Vader” and “Chewbacca” (best. names. ever.). Recently, Karen teamed up with another Brazilian YouTuber named Gabbie Fadel to answer “Never Have I Ever”questions with the help from their fans on Snapchat!

Check it out!


We all want our hands on cool and trendy technology these days, which is where TechSmartt comes in handy!

Keaton, the man behind TechSmartt, is our fav because reviews all the latest gadgets and tech that makes all of our lives easier. In a recent video, Keaton shows off his latest find: a Selfie Stick + Spoon Hybrid…so maybe this particular gadget doesn’t make our lives easier, but it definitely makes it more fun!

Tiago & Gabi

Meet one of YouTube’s cutest little families!

We love family vloggers, and Tiago, Gabi, and their sweet daughter are no exception. Tiago & Gabi are Brazilian YouTubers that are always vlogging about their family and friends. In a recent video, they revealed to their fellow YouTube friends that they’re expecting a second baby and caught all of their reactions on video! Can’t think of a better way to share great news with your loved ones. Congrats Tiago & Gabi! Parabéns!



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