Top Movers – 03.21.2016


New “Top Movers” for the week is here! This week is a fun batch, featuring slick choreo, vegan meals, and nerd-fueled news! Let’s get started!

Comic Book Girl 19

Meet Comic Book Girl 19! Her channel is all about embracing the pop culture chaos of comic books, movies, and TV. Our personal favorites are when she reviews comic book based movies and chats about the history of Game of Thrones, you should check them out! Recently, CBG19 (yeah, that’s our new nickname for her just roll with it), dives into the negative reaction everyone seems to be having over the new “Ghostbusters” trailer! Do you think the iconic “Ghostbusters” revamp deserves all the hate?

Antoine Troupe

Think you can bust a move or two? Well, Antoine Troupe and his friends take dancing to a totally new level! Antoine is a super talented choreographer whose dance moves will probably blow your mind. You can watch him freestyle it out or teach all of his students how it’s done! Just a few days ago, Antoine uploaded two of his students crushing some choreo to “PANDA” by Desiigner. Taylor & Kyndall KILLED it.

The Edgy Veg

Seems like going vegetarian or vegan is the only way to go these days! At least that’s what The Edgy Veg believes! Candice Hutchings, the face of The Edgy Veg, is on a journey to revolutionize the food we define as “vegan”. Ever think you could make vegan buffalo wings? Vegan. Buffalo. Wings. Seems almost too good to be true but it’s real! In a recent video, Candice shows off what she eats in a day and it’s a lot easier than you might think. Gotta say, watching these videos makes vegan eating look delicious and fun!

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