Top Movers – Week of 4.4.16

Another week, another one of our Top Movers! Our Top Movers are a selection of some of our favorite Epoxy users that have been gaining so many great new fans. Let’s check them out!

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Tanner Fox


Meet Tanner Fox! He’s a young professional scooter rider who also creates some hilarious videos that including pranks and random vlogs. Get into some of his impressive scooter skills! We didn’t even know dirt scooters were a thing? In another recent video, he rides around on a super tiny scooter and it’s the cutest thing ever! This kid has got some mad skills!



We’ve all experienced the tragedies of dropping your smartphone and wishing so hard it isn’t cracked when you pick it off the ground, but GizmoSlip takes dropping your tech to the next level! GizmoSlip thinks of fun and creative ways to test the durability of your favorite tablet and smartphone technology! Can a ball of rubber bands save an iPhone from a tumble? GizmoSlip puts that theory to the test! Another time, GizmoSlip tested if an iPad Air could survive blasts from fireworks! These videos are so addicting to watch it’s kind of scary!

Mel Joy


Mel is a 16-year old vlogger who’s been gaining tons of followers lately! Her videos range from random life vlogs to beauty store hauls and makeup routines! Every beauty guru loves their “Monthly Favs” videos, right? Mel doesn’t skip a beat in her “March Favorites” video! A few days ago, Mel had to get her wisdom teeth removed and the aftermath is pretty hilarious! Who doesn’t love a classic post-wisdom teeth surgery video??

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