Top Movers – Week of 4.11.16

Our Top Movers for this week is here! With Top Movers, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Epoxy users that have been gaining so many new fans recently. Let’s get into it!


Matt Steffanina


Meet Matt Steffanina! He’s a professional choreographer with some really slick moves with an impressive group of students by his side! It’s hard not to be jealous of these talented dancers, especially in videos dancing to “Where Are U Now” and “Formation” by Beyonce! In a recent video, Matt and his students really get down to “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony! Check it out!



SandraCiresArt is one of our favorite Epoxy users! Her channel is all about spanish music, makeup and hair tips, and fun vlogs! Our favorite videos from her include her makeup contouring techniques, a tour of her closet, and answering questions with her Mom! Recently, for her “Monday Tag” videos, she plays Heads or Tails to decide her makeup for the day and it goes a little…unexpected.




We love Connor Franta! His videos range from lifestyle vlogs to comedy skits to inspiration films and uploads videos to his channel every Monday! Some of our favorites from Connor include recreating super awkward family photos using his family members! It’s adorable. Or when he gives us the low-down on creating the perfect photo for your Instagram! In a recent video, Connor gets a little personal and explains why it’s okay to cry sometimes. Check it out!

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