Top Movers – Week of 05/16/2016

Here are our Top Movers of the week! These guys have been gaining so many great followers in the past few days, let’s check ‘em out!


Josh Tryhane

Meet Josh! His channel is a collection of random vlogs and videos on relationship advice. Watching him test out products normally marketed towards women is pretty funny! Goes to show you can try out anything no matter what gender you are. You can also watch him test out products from the 99 Cent stores. Even if you’re just doing you and not looking for a significant other (which is 100% okay) watching his videos is pretty hilarious no matter what perspective you’re coming from!

Kin Community

We love the Kin Community! It’s the #1 multi-channel women’s community on YouTube featuring the best lifestyle videos across food, fitness, entertainment, style, home and DIY! They have a collection of amazing users like Rosanna Pansino, Hannah Hart, Wayne Goss, and so much more. Watch their playlist all on DIY home projects, it will give you so many ideas to spruce up your pad. Want some new recipe ideas? Kin Community has got you covered! We swear you can sit and watch their videos for hours.


Meet Trang Ngo, also known as Changmakeup! She’s a Vietnamese vlogger and she’s alllll about makeup, most specifically lipsticks! Wanna hop on the liquid to matte lipstick trend? Her latest lipstick swatches will help you out! Maybe you wanna add some new steps to your makeup routine? Changmakeup has got you covered! If you want all the latest makeup reviews and swatches, her channel is the place to go!

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