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Retention-Email_Share-Studio-600x300-@2xretinaAs you might have noticed, we’ve made a lot of improvements to Epoxy in the past few weeks.  All the new features we’ve introduced work together to make it easier for video creators to make cool content and share it with their fans across social. Let’s dive into the updates and we’ll explain how you can make the most of these new and improved features.

Sharing Studio

Creating cool content to support your videos is a great way to build buzz around new releases. Use Sharing Studio to quickly make GIFS, clips, and memes from your YouTube videos. We recommend sharing these kinds of media assets before and after a video release. Here are a few examples of the types of contents you can make with Sharing Studio:

Preview Clips

ClipPreview clips are shortened clips you can make from your YouTube videos that can be shared natively to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Because they share natively, you’ll get better reach and more views. With our clip editor, you can fine tune your clips. You can capture different segments from the same video, add text overlays and your channel watermark.



With Sharing Studio you can turn a section of your video into a GIF, which are great to share on Facebook and Twitter (and your fans will also love to share them around).


MemeTake a still from a video or upload an image from your computer and add a text overlay to it. Epoxy defaults to a “Meme Template” that lets you add Impact font to the top and bottom of the image, you can also add custom text overlays to personalize the look of your graphic.

Sharing Studio makes it easy to make cool content you can share across all your social networks, but now that you have all this awesome content, how do you organize it? Well, we’re glad you asked 🙂 Because that’s where Media Library comes in.

Media Library

Media Library is the latest addition to our family of Sharing Tools. Media Library is the home for all the content you create and share on Epoxy. Anytime you make a new piece of content with Sharing Studio it’s automatically added to your Media Library. All your media is organized chronologically, and you can filter items by media type.  Clicking on an item opens up the gallery view that displays full-size versions of your media. The gallery page also lists all past shares for that piece of media, helping you remember where and when you shared that GIF or clip. All the  items in your library are easily re-shareable and can be added to your queue for a scheduled time sometime in the future.

Group 2

Sharing Queue

Queues are one of the handiest tools you can have as a creator. With our Sharing Queue, you can schedule posts to be sent out automatically at specific times throughout the week on each social network. Using a queue removes the stress of keeping on top of all your different social feeds. Now you can just set up posts for your queued share times – and rest easy knowing that you’ll stay connected with your fans even when you’re away from your smartphone or computer.

So that’s a little overview of our newly upgraded suite of sharing tools. We hope these updates help you manage your social more easily so you can get back to doing what you do best: making awesome content.

PS – Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks ahead!

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