Collaboration is Timeless ⌛️

Creator Tips and Trends Vol. 1:

Epoxy works closely with creators of all sizes, we love learning from creators and celebrating their successes. We thought we’d share a few of the lessons we’ve learned from some of our fastest-growing creators in a new series, called Creator Tips and Trends”.

The name says it all. Those of you who have been in the YouTube community for a while know that collaborating is one of the most tried and true tips for growing your channel. A strategic collab can cause a huge burst of growth for all creators involved. Turns out, that tip is just as spot on today as it was ten years ago. We’ve seen Epoxy creators taking that same approach and bringing it to other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A perfect example of this practice is when a large group of family vloggers all went on a ski trip this past winter they called #DBEJCKwintervacay. Total #squadgoals. Not only was it a fun family vacation, it provided a weekend for abundant content creation for everyone’s channels and social accounts. Each family created vlogs for YouTube, but memorialized the trip in tons of videos and photos to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The success of this collab really comes from a deep understanding of one’s audience. Each of these vloggers has an active, engaged audience watching their content daily and thus would have an interest in watching another creator putting their own spin on daily family vlogging (and likewise).

Watch a #DBEJCKwintervacay video from the popular channel “Daily Bumps” 

Looking for ways you can get started using these strategies? Try using a hashtag for each of your collaborations to get the fans of both of your channels engaging with each other across social. If you’re getting stuck finding someone to collab with, try out Epoxy’s Fan Comments tools to find other creators of a similar size to you who are already fans of your content.

Leave a comment or reach out on social (@EpoxyTV) describing a great collaboration experience you’ve had. New to collabs? Who’s a dream creator you’d love to make videos with?

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