BBTV’s Top Movers on Epoxy

Week of July 29, 2016


Our friends at BBTV have joined forces with us in celebrating Top Movers – a weekly showcase of their YouTube Creators  winning across social🏆🚀

Check out this week’s BBTV’s Top Movers below:

Starting things off, Pokemon Go Brasil once again had a huge week, growing their social following by 50% in just seven days. The Pokemon Go phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down, so we’re sure another major week of growth is ahead for these guys!


KimbyREALeigha also had an incredible week on social, growing by over 32%! This self-proclaimed queen of multi-tasking and fitness mom absolutely killed it across her social media channels, gaining tons of new followers.


Finally, Rob Greenfield, added an insane 23K followers on Facebook this past week! Rob has just released his new series Sustainable Living on his channel, showing ways to make big cuts on your waste, has been grabbing tons of attention. Check it out for yourselves now!


Looking to get big on social?  Try out Epoxy – the ultimate platform for YouTubers to grow their followings across social media. And if you’re looking to join a network, consider by partnering up with our friends at  BBTV.


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