Custom Fan Shoutouts

A New Way to Show Your Fans Some Love

Epoxy works closely with creators of all sizes, we love learning from creators and celebrating their success.


We see from our creators everyday that the best way to build your community is to go the extra mile. The best creators are constantly interacting with their fans and making them feel like they’re an integral part of something special. With our newest feature, Shoutouts, you can do exactly that by creating custom graphics to share with your fans in seconds.

Since the release, we’ve seen our creators making AMAZING things with Shoutouts.

From top fans of the week to birthday wishes to recommending friends’ channels to contest winners and more, the possibilities are endless in how you can use this awesome feature. We’re seeing new uses everyday and we couldn’t be more excited to find out how you put your own spin on shouting out all of the wonderful people in your community!


How you make it your own is totally up to you! First, you select any friends or fans that have interacted with your social account. Then, you pick the background, layout, text, font, colors, everything! Get creative! You can even add a watermark of your channel logo to add that extra-personalized touch. Finally, select where and when you’d like to share it. It’s as easy at that.


Try Shoutouts now by logging into your account and clicking the ‘Shoutout’ button at the top of your Epoxy homepage.

Have you already had a chance to try making a Shoutout? We want to see it! Share it with us @EpoxyTV or by using #FanShoutout across social and we’ll show you some love back!

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