How can I download my Media Archive?

How can I save / download all of the assets I’ve created in my Epoxy account before Epoxy shuts down?

It is important to us that all of the incredible content you’ve created in your Epoxy account lives on and is easily accessible for you to save to your computer. Whether it be clips, GIFs, or memes, we want you to have all of your creations.

You can download each piece of content you’d like to save to your desktop by clicking the ‘download arrow’ as you hover over each asset. Starting November 14th, if you’d like to download the entire library, you can download a bundled file of all of your assets by logging into your Epoxy account and visiting your ‘Media Library’ in the left-hand toolbar.

Once in your Media Library, you’ll see a banner that alerts you to the option to download your ‘Media Archive’. Click the ‘Request Media Archive Download’ button.

As you may be requesting to download many large video files, this request may take some time to process. For your convenience, we’ll send you an email when your download is ready.

When your download is ready, return to your Media Library and click the ‘Ready for Download’ button, which will lead you to your customized .zip file with all of your assets.

Please note, in certain accounts with extremely large video libraries, we may have to separate your download into multiple links (.zip files). If this is the case, be sure to use all of the links to ensure you download all of your media.


Still having trouble? Please feel free to reach out to us at with any additional questions or concerns.

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