When Will I Lose Access to Epoxy?

We wanted to make sure all of our amazing creators who love using Epoxy would have ample time to prepare for the shutting down of the platform (this includes both our desktop and mobile applications). That’s why you’ll have uninterrupted access to Epoxy until Wednesday, December 13th.


We hope you’ll use this time to make other arrangements for managing your social media strategy (FAQs coming soon on products we’d recommend).


Additionally, please take a moment to review the content you’ve created in your Epoxy Media Library. We’d hate for you to lose any of the amazing clips, GIFs, or memes you’ve created.


You can download each piece of content you’d like to save to your desktop by clicking the ‘download arrow’ as you hover over each asset, but if you’d like to download the entire library, we’ve given you the ability to request a .zip file with all of your assets.


Visit the Media Library tab in Epoxy to learn more and get your Media Archive starting November 14th.

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